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The Finest and Most Innovative Italian Multi-Functional Furniture  

As living spaces become increasingly limited due to the temptations of modern life, consumers are seeking simple ways to maximize space without compromising on design or convenience. Now a spectacular line of home furniture provides high quality and high design functional furniture, transforming small spaces from the ordinary into the extraordinary.
 This top-of-the-line quality home furniture each has two or more functions, providing high quality and high design functional furniture to transform small spaces.

Milano Smart Living offers a prestigious and diverse array of specialized furniture for small apartments, impressive and beautiful in each of their functions.
Created by renowned craftsmen in Italy, the quality, style
and durability of these products are unmatched.


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Wall Beds

The perfect solutions in the need of a comfortable 7" mattress for everyday use or to maximize the space when a Milano sofa bed cannot be used due to a space limitation.

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Space Saving Tables

A large variety of clever patented tables transforming your beautiful 15" console to 118" in order to entertain 12-14 people or to transform your coffee table from a height of 11" to any height up until 33" and expand to 112".

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Sofa Beds

The ultimate answer for those seeking the perfect sofa and the perfect bed without compromising as function and design no longer need to pay a price. All Milano sofa beds work with a simple one touch operation without the need of removing any cushions only to display an option of 9 different 6" mattresses including; Latex / Pocket /Spring / Memory / Micro Pocket. Never before has there been such a comfortable sofa bed on the market!

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Offering a large range of clever accessories that simply make compact and space saving living so much easier!

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    New York Design Center


    200 Lexington Avenue
    Suite 103, 1st floor
    New York, NY 10016

    Hours of operation:
    Monday - Friday: 9:30am - 5:30pm
    Saturday - Sunday: Closed

    Phone:  (+1) 212.729.1938
    Fax:  (+1) 212.729.1939
    Email:  [email protected]