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Sofa beds should easily change with the needs of your home. Milano Smart Living’s ergonomically designed sofa beds maximize room space and offer a high quality, comfortable lounging experience as a bed and as a sofa. The mechanisms responsible for transitioning between the different functions of the Milano Smart Living’s sofa beds are user-friendly, as well.
Imagine a sofa with clean lines that compliment your elegant and sophisticated modern home décor that also offers comfortable seating. The real surprise is revealed when it easily transforms into a spacious king-sized bed with an orthopedic latex mattress suitable for everyday usage.
Milano Smart Living’s convertible sofa beds are stylish, sophisticated and comfortable, and embody the best developments in contemporary ergonomics.

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Murphy Beds NY: from Necessity to Luxury
You may have heard of Murphy beds before; or if you haven't, perhaps you have of heard of the concept under a different name, such folding beds, wall beds or hide-a-bed. The basic definition of a Murphy bed is a bed that folds into the wall, by having one of its hinges attached to the wall. Murphy beds are named after their inventor, William Laurence Murphy, who had lived during the late 1800's and early 1900's. Living in a small apartment, he had been looking for a comfortable solution for the problem of converting a sleeping space into a hosting space. Necessity, which is the mother of all invention, had prompted him to come up with a clever and ingenious idea: the Murphy bed.

Murphy Beds: Now a Luxurious Means of Saving Space Anywhere
In the past century, Murphy beds had become a convenient solution for many. The have gone on to become popular for mobile homes and college dormitories, as well as for anyone who wanted some extra space in their apartments. Today, Murphy beds are not only meant for small spaces. While they do save plenty of space which can be used for other purposes, they have become a luxurious piece of furniture in themselves, and many people purchase them for their sheer popularity.

A Chic Solution for the Urban Dweller
The invention of Murphy beds has paved the way for the invention of other types of space-saving furniture as well. Today, one can find a large variety of convertible pieces of furniture: beds that turn into sofas, sofas that turn into tables, and so on. These convertible sofas are easy to operate and move around, and they are the ultimate solution for anyone who wants to save up some space in their apartment and get rid of extra pieces of furniture.

Save Some Space and Re-Vamp Your Place with Murphy Beds
Large city dwellers, who tend to live in small apartments due to the high price of larger apartments, as well as anyone living in the confines of a small space, like college students, can benefit greatly from Murphy beds. Murphy beds NY are not only a convenient solutions, they are also beautifully designed and made from the highest quality materials. Their ergonomic and orthopedic qualities can contribute greatly to a good night's sleep as well as comfortable lounging. Now is the time to purchase one of these beauties and enjoy the benefits of this comfortable, chic piece of furniture.

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