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Wall Beds

Milano Smart Living offers a variety of high-quality Wall Beds, comprised of the highest quality raw materials, designed by top Italian brands. Clever mechanisms make the wall bed easy to operate and protect durability. Milano Smart Living’s wall beds are ISO 9001:2000 certified and include an ergonomic high-quality mattress, designed for daily use.

Wall Beds NY: Save Space in Your Apartment with a Luxury Bed
It often happens that in the attempt to save money, people tend to choose small, cramped apartments instead of big, spacious ones. Many times it is indeed worth it to save your money on an apartment and spend it on other, more meaningful things such as your studies, traveling abroad or your hobbies. However, during your life you may have acquired some pieces of furniture that you deem necessary for living: a bed, for example. It's hard to imagine how one would live without a bed but sometimes you wish this necessary piece of furniture wouldn't take up so much space, right?
You often look at your bed and think of all the things you could do if you had that extra space: dance in your room, do sit-ups and push-ups, or create a work space with a desk for your computer. As it is, you have to exercise and do your stretches in the park, and you go work on your laptop in random cafes. Wouldn't it be great if you could do all those things at home?

Wall Beds: the Ultimate Solution for Your Space-Saving Needs
Well, guess what. There is a solution for this problem and it is far simpler than you have ever imagined. What if every morning, after you have woken up, you could simply make your bed disappear and have all that precious extra space to yourself? That may sound incredible, but in fact, it is easily done – with the aid of wall beds. Wall beds are beds which have one side hinged to the wall, so that they can pushed against the wall or inside a closet when they are not needed.

Wall Beds: a Unique Invention that Serves Many Uses
Wall beds, or Murphy beds, as they are called by Americans, were invented by William Laurence Murphy over a century ago. They are also called fold-down beds or pull-down beds. Their primary purpose was to save space in small rooms or apartments, and they went on to serve as a convenient solution for mobile homes and college dormitories as well. However, in the past decades they have evolved from an easy, affordable solution for small spaces to an elegant, highly-coveted piece of furniture that can transform any apartment or room to a sophisticated living space.

A Great Solution for Big City Dwellers: Wall Beds NY
Most people who live in big cities often have to give up on space if they want to afford a nice apartment in the city center. Central apartments are often relatively small in size. However, this doesn't mean you have to give up on the feeling of space in your apartment, neither does it mean you should make compromises on the quality of furniture in your apartment. For that purpose, Wall beds NY are the ultimate solution for anyone wishing to save space in their apartment while maintaining a sophisticated, urban look.
Wall beds are not only chic and convenient; they are also made from the highest quality materials, and are easy to maneuver. Elegant, comfortable and handy, they contribute a great deal to the urban experience.

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